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The Beamer Project

The Beamer Project is a software project which wants to create a good replacement for Microsoft Powerpoint for song text projection in (youth) services as free software.


2006-10-13: Version 0.9 released. This release contains a text export tool that can export all songs to a text file!

2004-09-17: Version 0.8 released. This release contains improved support for: dual-display mode, PowerPoint/OpenOffice integration, livevideo configuration. It also contains a liveeditor which allows you to modify the text of the current song or PowerPoint/OpenOffice presentation, even over the network!

2003-07-10: Version 0.7 released. This release allows to customize the text layout, has an enhanced networking protocol with autoconnect, and has experimental support for background video (requires Windows 2000 or higher). It also comes with a new installer, so please uninstall all older versions. For a complete list of new features read the release notes).


Advantages of Beamer